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Thursday, September 04, 2003
"Don't bother me with the facts... I have an opinion."

As a news and politics junky, I loved to listen to the pundits (or at least used to) to get their take on events here in the U.S. One of my favorite programs was Washington Journal on C-Span. I have become increasingly annoyed with pundits that will ignore facts to state their opinion, even though it is contrary to the facts. It doesn't matter if they are Republican or Democrat (or Independent, etc.), it is annoying to hear people ramble on in their ignorance.

I remember one in particular that kept stating "We live in a Democracy..." in the United States. I kept screeming at the the TV, "We do not live in a Democracy!" Yes, I should have called in, but someone else came to the rescue. This caller was very polite and calm, and explained that our country is not a Democracy but a Republic, that is, a nation that is founded in the rule of law and not the polls. Did he/she give up? No, this one just stated, "I believe we live in a Democracy...." or, a better way of putting was, "Don't bother me with the facts... I have an opinion."

But they did not stop there.

This pundit went futher to explain that they were a "Progressive". Well, to tell you the truth, that really would not have meant anything to me except that I had had an American History class with a "Progressive" teacher. The paper we had to write was on the Progressive Movement of the early 1900's. This pundit was again wrong on the facts, stating that the Progressive Movement ended in the late 1920's. The fact is that the Progressive Movement ended with the start of World War I (1917 for the U.S.). It is true that the influence of the Progressive Movement lasted into the 1920's with two Amendments added to the Constitution, but there was no Progressive Movement.

"Don't bother me with the facts... I have an opinion."

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